Curso 2010-11 MBIArch Master Barcelona Instutitute of Architecture
Arch Design Seminar_David Adjaye
ARCHITECTS: S. Ghasemizadeh + M. González + marQta

Located in Igualada, a mid size and absolute industrial city which is loosing its economical power and industrial face, the project aims to regenerate new conditions to activate the city again.
In our view, the main landscape of the city is the abandoned factories visible in the city reminding us its memories and the degree of influence of the city in its surrounding and viceversa. Therefore, the proposal is searching for a new typology of an industrial building which can give birth to these forgotten factories.
New tertiary activities as very nature of post industrial cities are the new activity proposed to bring back the economy power to the city.
Therefore, the degree of interventions in the existing building is in a way to allow this symbiosis.

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