The new urban conditions

Masterplan Huizou
ARQUITECTOS: Dom arquitectura: M.A. Borrás + M. García-Orte + J. Rigau + P. Serrano
ESTADO DEL PROYECTO: Concept design 2012

To start the project we wanted to get into the foundations of Chinese culture and its visual universe. Studied concepts such as horizontality power of traditional architecture, its temples, its textures and screens in the old trusses, who controlled privacy.
Also the energy flow, feng shui own, or social issues like the mythological figure of the dragon.
We decided to go thorough analysis of the territory and its climate in order to start with real inputs of the surroundings.
The position of the ground to the main access and contact with the city of Huizhou and Bolou. And the environmental problems of the environment, solve the excess pollution, exploit natural energy, water harvesting, use of wind and solar energy.

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