Curso 2010-11 MBIArch Master Barcelona Instutitute of Architecture
Productive Land Program_Joan Roig
A. Tregent + A. Kapic + marQta

The PLP design lab intended to research and discuss the productive and energetic capacities of the land in its potential use, private, public, or leisure. The social framework within the course was operating was determined by the actual financial and political crisis (2010), i.e. economic deflation, breakdown of public protectionism, the revision of the concept of private engagement, and the urge to find economies for subsistence.
Agro-acupuncture proposes to instigate collective change within the existing agricultural land-scape through specific and intensive point of intervention. Unifying these points through a collective network to generate and order of change greater than the sum of intervening actions.

A collective silk production that will define the landscape in an artistic and productive way.

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