The Truss as a ecological corridor for Montcada i Reixac

Curso 2010-11 MBIArch Master Barcelona Instutitute of Architecture
Arch Design Seminar_Stan Allen
ARCHITECTS: A. Badnjar + I. Petkovic + A. Tregent + marQta)

The Truss approaches the inter-disciplinary nature of the studio theme - landscape urbanism. Responding to the ecological importance of the site, the project proposes to define and establish a crucial corridor in the continuity of the regional ecology, whilst architectural apparatus’ are exercised to construct processive conditions of space and support variable notions of use and public-ness. The Truss shifts the notion of form, towards a new performative mega-form entity that considers the process and change of landscape and architecture, and challenges the cultural and social conception of the program and place.

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